Welcome to the Systems Consulting Website!

    This site was designed to give you information about the company, as well as allow you to obtain free purchasing advice, technical assistance, customer support and the ability to contact the owner.

    Systems Consulting has been in business since 1988. It was originally started as a hobby business (schedule C business), in order to allow for the building of PC's and private sales of computer controlled security and entertainment systems to local business owners and executives. The business has grown to include smart home installations, as well as small to mid-sized business computing systems with an emphasis on systems integration using networking expertese.

    Systems Consulting does not sell hardware, and only "sells" the software that is written "in-house". In other words, we don't sell computers, nor the latest version of MS Office. Free advice on purchases is ALWAYS available, and given with the thought of giving you the best value for your dollar with a minimum of support needed by you.

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