Hourly Rates

Phone Support
Systems operations - Disk reorgs, tape backups, and other Misc. Computer functions
Phone Hardware installation, Equip. Repair and Maintenance & Training
Phone support given during non-business hours or on non-business days
Computer Hardware installation, Repair and Maintenance
Software Installation, Setup and Diagnosing Bugs
Software/Hardware Training One on One
Network Wirning, Network OS/Unix OS installation, repair/diagnosis and Maintenance
Phone Support given on holidays
Software programming, Script writing, General Code maintenance.
Hardware system requirements specification and design
Internet/Website/E-Commerce Development
DataBase Administration, Table Maint., Script updates
Systems Analysis - Softwarre, DB, Program, and system design, specification and installation/diagnosis.


NOTE: Training rates and other rates available upon request. Initial consultations are free, special long term contract rates are available and special discount rates available for repeat customers.

* - This charge is only for calls taken outside the hours of 8am-9pm EST or totaling over 30 minutes.

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